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Zimbabwe businessman murder case: Fresh details emerge

Fresh details have emerged concerning the murder of a Zimbabwean businessman, Vitalis Masukwedza, who was killed in Malawi last month amid reports that Malawi Police Service arrested the brother and business partner, Pardon.

This comes on the backdrop of reports that Pardon Masukwedza sneaked into Malawi at a time when the family was in Zimbabwe during the burial of Vitalis.

Vitalis was killed in Mchinji after two hitmen lured him to drive out of town on the pretext that they had a breakdown along Mchinji road.

Close source said it was his brother who gave him mobile numbers of the two hitmen who pretended to have had a car breakdown.

In a twist of events, preliminary investigations have led to the arrest of Pardon.

Sources told Zim Morning Post that the two brothers were engaged in battle to control business ventures as they were both running automobile spares shops.

Sources said Vitalis was employed by Pardon and later decided to launch his own second-hand spares shop in Malawi.

“This did not go down well with Pardon who felt he was being shortchanged by his brother leading to a war of words, death threats and frivolous accusations of theft,” opined one close family member.

“We tried to resolve the issue but Pardon was so angry that he vowed that one of them was going to die.”

This publication is in possession of audios where one of the elder brothers tried to talk to the two urging them to resolve the issue amicably.

In one of the audios the elder brother tells Pardon that he was prepared to chip in and help Vitalis pay the missing money so as to save him from being killed.

The chilling audios reveal shocking details of death threats made by Pardon to Vitalis. In another audio Vitalis tells his elder brother that if he is killed or dies in mysterious ways then it should be known that Pardon is the culprit.

Sources said Vitalis was shot on the forehead in his car and the hitmen fled the scene.

“Upon hearing that Vitalis has been shot dead, Pardon fled Malawi in his South African registered vehicle and headed to Zimbabwe.

“He claimed that the misfortune happened while he was away but we have evidence that he left Malawi soon after the shooting.

“He tried to meet family members in Zimbabwe but was barred and he decided to sneak back into Malawi using public transport.”

Sources said Zimbabwean police then arrested his father and forced him to urge his son to surrender himself to any nearby police station, which he did in Malawi.

“He was immediately arrested and currently held in custody in Lilongwe,” added the source.

While investigations are underway sources said Malawi police wants to access Vitalis’ WhatsApp messages so as to prove that the hitmen were being directed by Pardon.

Observers urged Malawi police to crack down on the accomplices who are believed to be still hiding in Malawi.