ZIBAWU demonstrates at T20 cricket tournament


Report by Abel Karowangoro and Andwatch Mambo

Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU) hijacked the current T20 cricket tournament, which is currently taking place at St Georges High School and demonstrated against the main sponsors CABS and Old Mutual for abusing of workers.

Speaking at the demonstration, the national Organising Secretary Tirivanhu Marimo told Zim Morning Post that they are demonstrating against CABS and Old Mutual because they want to portray a good image to the people while the workers rights are being abused.

“As ZIBAWU we are here demonstrating against them because they don’t respect workers’ rights. They must give workers the opportunity to join the trade unions because it is their right,” said Marimo.

Recently the company fired the Chairperson of the workers committee Piki Guvheya for unclear allegations as he tried to represent the the workers.

Workers need the chance to express their concern over oppression and abuses but CABS is not doing that,” Marimo.

Among the dismissal of the worker committee Chairperson there are other workers who have been charge with same allegations but were not dismissed so we need to see transparent among the workers,” said Marimo.


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