ZESA audit: board vows to crack whip

The house is not in order at Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority as the board has vowed to crack a whip to all employees implicated in corrupt activities unearthed in a forensic audit report conducted by reputable firm Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), the Zim Morning Post has learnt.

The audit exposed several irregularities that cost the power utility millions of dollars and top management were chiefly responsible for the loss.

Out of line procurement procedures and services provided by bogus and unregistered companies prejudiced the company of millions of dollars.

In an interview with Zim Morning Post over the weekend, ZESA board member who chaired the audit committee Jacqueline Sande said the board has already started instituting investigations and culprits will be dealt with accordingly.

“We have already started our own investigations and we will liase with the human resources department and undergo the process of disciplinary hearing.

“All those who are found wanting will face the full wrath,” said Sande.

She said after due process the outcome of the disciplinary hearing will be made public.

“Well, at the moment we are treating the matter internally and it was not our wish for the audit report to go public at this stage.

“The report is a voluminous 600 pages document and we are carefully perusing it and take necessary action so we cannot give timelines.

“We do not condone corruption and we will deal with the matter and restore integrity at the organisation,” said Sande who vowed that the board will not leave any stone unturned.