You are currently viewing ZANU PF Member Narrowly Survives A Hyena Attack in Rusape
[Image Credit: Nick Schiesman Museyamwa Facebbook]

ZANU PF Member Narrowly Survives A Hyena Attack in Rusape

ZANU PF Member Narrowly Survives A Hyena Attack in Rusape

In a shocking incident near Rusape, an alleged member of the ruling party ZANU PF narrowly escaped a vicious hyena attack while returning from a victory rally. The individual miraculously survived the ordeal.

Surviving Against the Odds

Hyenas possess a bite force of 1100 psi, capable of crushing bones and tearing flesh. The man’s survival in the face of such a formidable attack is a testament of incredible luck.

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Authorities Investigate

Zanu PF member who was attacked by a Hyena

The incident has caught the attention of local authorities, who are investigating the circumstances surrounding the attack. Efforts are underway to ensure the safety of citizens and prevent similar incidents in the future.

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Social Media Reactions

Social media users flooded various platforms to share their opinions on the incident. Speculation arose, with some implying that the individual may have been under the influence when the attack occurred. Others suggested that his political party should offer support due to the incident happening after a party event. However, a significant number of commenters showed no sympathy, likely influenced by their disdain for the victim’s affiliation with Zanu PF.

Zamachecha Obey:

He might have got drunk and slept on the road

Mellisa Zulu:

Zanu pf can afford reconstructive surgery🥱 hatisikuda kuzoona zvimaGo fund me ngaanorapiswa singapore

Irvine Dubindlela Dlodlo:

The Question is . Will he survive the Zanu Attack ?

Ndumiso Thethankosi Ngwenya:

I feel sorry for the poor hyena

Mlungisi Dube:

God heal us as a nation

Caesar Mutukura:

A Hyena has a bite force of 1100 psi and it’s bite has a vice like grip capable of crushing bone and ripping out flesh. No human deserves that irrespective of political affiliation.