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Young Miners Federation on an empowerment journey

By Andwatch Mambo

“Our journey of transforming miners through education began sometime last year, when Young Miners Federation, signed a memorandum of understanding with Minerals marketing cooperation of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe School of Mines.”

“We then came up with a training programme titled titled “Fundamental and Small Scale mining management,” opined YMF Founder and CEO Payne Farai Kupfuwa.

He said they partnered with Minerals Marketing Cooperation of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe School of Mines so as to run a training programme on Fundamental and Small scale mining management.

“Our partnership with the MMCZ and ZSM yielded much fruits last year and thus we’ve resumed it this year again in Manicaland province.”

He further said only last year they managed to mobilise young miners across Zimbabwe and trained them.

“We identified young miners from different provinces of the country to undergo the first part of training, our first province was Bulawayo where we picked 25 miners whom today testify that the course changed their lives.”

“On our first session of the training we started with basic courses on exploration, extraction, survey, extractive metallurgy, environmental issues and many more.”

He further indicated that the programme resumed this year so as to complete the trainings which will reward every participant with a certificate.

“We’ve resumed our final session of the trainings this year and we are hoping that as soon the second session is done, we’re going to award our Young miners with certificates.”

He also said the whole concept behind everything is to push for formalisation of small-scale community.

“The idea behind our trainings is to educate young miners on how they can professionalise and formalise their small-scale mining enterprises.”

“We are saying mining should be taken as a business and not as a poverty driven initiative or a get rich quick scheme.”

“As YMF, we are trying to participate in the upgrading and upscaling of the small-scale mines to medium scale, which in the process will create employments for graduates from the Zimbabwe school of mines and in any other University.”