Witchcraft on the soccer field

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Witchcraft on the soccer field

The world of African soccer is as unpredictable as it is thrilling, filled with extraordinary events and remarkable stories that often seem stranger than fiction. From the bizarre antics on the field to the tragic incidents off it, the continent’s football scene never ceases to amaze. For those who are not only fans of these incredible stories but also enjoy the excitement of betting, keeping up with the latest odds and opportunities is essential. In this regard, South African betting sites offer a gateway to engage with the games and place bets on the unpredictable outcomes of matches across the continent.


Africa is home to a lot of soccer talents – George Vea, Yaya Toure, Didier Drogba, etc. Africa is the mother of the most infuriating soccer paraphernalia of recent years – vuvuzelas. In South Africa successfully plays the club “Kaizer Chiefs”, for which you can chase in Fifa, and after which a British rock band is named. In addition, in the soccer environment of the hottest of the continents, there are amazing stories of absurdity and cruelty. Below are the wildest and most absurd cases of African soccer in the 21st century.

Mbeya City captain Juma Said has been diligently defending the gates of his team for several years, risking to be remembered only by the most loyal fans of the African club. However, with his inexplicable actions in 2015, he undoubtedly earned himself a place in the ranking of the world’s strangest footballers. In a Tanzanian championship match, Juma Said stuck his finger up the ass of Simba striker Elias Maguli. After the game, the captain apologized to the injured forward, but could not avoid punishment. The national federation disqualified Saeed for eight matches for “acts of an indecent nature”. Unfortunately for Mbeya City, their captain turned out to be a repeat offender. After serving his suspension, the defender took the field in a September match against Azam and repeated his “stunt”. This time his finger ended up in the back passage of footballer John Bocco. After the match, Saeed was fined $930 and suspended from soccer for two years. In September 2017, the 33-year-old proctologist’s disqualification ended, but the defender did not return to soccer.

Death at the hands of his fans

In August 2014, fans of CS Kabalia went berserk after their favorite club lost 1: 2 to USM Algeria. The fans started throwing everything they could get their hands on at the players. 24-year-old striker Albert Ebossa, who scored a goal for Kabalia, was hit in the head by a stone. The forward was hospitalized. Unfortunately, doctors at the hospital were unable to save his life. Posthumously he became the top scorer of the championship of Algeria.

Death in the jaws of a crocodile

In October 2008, the coach of the team “Midland Portland Cement” from the second division of Zimbabwe sent his boys to bathe in the Zambezi River before the match of the national championship. The coach wanted to cleanse the players from the influence of evil spirits. Unfortunately for the specialist, 16 players entered the river and 15 came out. About where one footballer disappeared in the river, swarming with hungry crocodiles and hippos, remains only a guess.

Goalie arsonist

In 2003, the referee stopped the African Cup of Nations qualifying match between Rwanda and Uganda a few minutes after the starting whistle. The fact is that the goalkeeper of the hosts – Muhamad Mossi – set fire to his own goal. Thus, the reckless goalkeeper wanted to drive away evil spirits from his possession. The flames almost reached the stands. However, the fire was extinguished in time, and the referee allowed the teams to continue the meeting. The match ended with a score of 1:0 in favor of Rwanda. Surely that day no one was able to tell the keeper that fires on the field – it is not cool, and that there are no evil forces.

Forward witch doctor

The Rwandan Football Federation in 2016 (!) officially banned players from conjuring during matches. This decision was taken by soccer officials after a strange act by forward Moussa Kamara in a match between Mukura Victory and Rayon Sports. The Mukura forward took a ritual stone lying under the goalpost from the opposing goalkeeper, ran away from the Rayon Sports players, avoided being kicked, and gave the ill-fated stone to his teammates. After 12 minutes, the witch doctor scored a goal and saved his team from defeat. The meeting ended with a score of 1:1. After the match, the soccer federation fined the club Mukura Victoria three points and 3 million Rwandan francs – about 3 thousand euros, and the magician was forced to pay 100,000 francs – about 100 euros.