Tsenengamu in reality check as FEEZ warms up for demonstration


GODFREY Tsenengamu’s Front for Economic Emancipation Zimbabwe (FEEZ) on Wednesday notified the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) of their intention to demonstrate against what he called unrestrained high-level corruption at the Finance ministry.

The demonstration – set for Friday next week – would be staged at the Finance ministry offices along Central Avenue in the Harare’s central business district.

Zim Morning Post has in its possession a letter of notification to the ZRP Officer Commanding Harare by the the entity’s national coordinator, Tsenengamu, concerning the “peaceful demonstration”.

Sections of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act enjoin would be demonstrators to notify in advance the ZRP in any such occasion.

The police in Harare have already conceded to receiving FEEZ’s letter of intent.

According to FEEZ, the demonstration has been necessitated by the high levels of corruption by those in power.

“This (demonstration) has been necessitated by the recent exposure of the scandolous purchase of COVID-19 consumables involving the Finance ministry’s permanent secretary, George Guvamombe and a company called Drax,” FEEZ revealed in its letter to the ZRP.

This week, several online publications carried articles exposing what they said were shady deals involving the inflating of COVID-19 materials sold to goverment reportedly with approval from the Finance ministry.

But very few people who spoke to Zim Morning Post believe the request will get the police waiver, with the COVID-19 lockdown likely to be raised as a scapegoat.

Only last week, three MDC Alliance activists were arrested for conducting a flash demonstration at a Warren Park shopping centre.

The three, Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marowa were allegedly later abducted inside a police station by suspected State security agents and reportedly brutally tortured, amid reports also of horrendous sexual abuse before being abandoned in Bindura.

Tsenengamu, however, insisted FEEZ’s actions next week were above board and only meant to highlight to the public and other stakeholders how COVID-19 was being abused by those in power and their hangers-on to fatten their own pockets.

FEEZ said measures were afoot to ensure the safety of both participants and those within the environs from contracting the virus:

“(We) will take all the necessary precautionary measures stipulated in the (COVD-19) Statutory Instrument and all health regulations concerning the spread of the virus.”

Tsenengamu is a former Zanu PF youth leader who early this year went seperate ways with the revolutionary party after he and Lewis Matutu ruffled the status quo, accusing some of them of involvement in mega corruption deals at an unsanctioned Press conference in Harare.

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