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Command Agriculture inputs being looted by politicians, government officials

Inputs being delivered at slow paceScheme being abused FARMERS have expressed mixed feelings over delays in...

Farmers cry foul over CBZ command Agric financing model

MANY farmers in Zimbabwe recently expressed mixed feelings over introduction of a new Command Agriculture Programme inputs acquisition model.

Parly summons Nikuv over command agriculture

PARLIAMENT’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has summoned agricultural inputs supplier, Pedstock Investments (Pedstock), to a hearing to explain circumstances in which it...

IMF, RBZ swoop on Sakunda

THE Reserve Bank Zimbabwe (RBZ)'s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) ordered banks across the country to freeze the accounts of some named entities as...

Command Agric inputs: Heads roll

KAROI- Heads rolled last week over suspected underhand dealings of ‘over-subscribed and underfunded’ Command Agriculture in Karoi under Hurungwe district here.