Stephen Margolis Resort ….the Premium Team Building and Conference Centre


    AT STEPHEN Margolis Resort, the choice where you have a conference is simply yours, from their conference centre to their thatched gazebos and the different spots under trees, in the open sun in winter or our lawn. 

    There are certainly a wide range of options to choose from. 

    Their conferences can be ideally combined with team building were instead of staying indoors all day, the partakers of the conference can choose to split their time between conferencing and carrying out the unique team building activities which are mainly outdoor with a mixture of brainstorming and physical exercises including our famous assault courses and zipline across the Nyarongo River.

    Team building is a fundamental aspect in  solving human  resource issues in a more exciting manner.

    The Stephen Margolis Resort  Team Builders have harnessed this aspect and have since applied it to numerous Organisations including Embassies.

    Their skills and knowledge in carrying out these team building activities have  resulted in the growth and development of many Organisations.

    The activities to expect include; zip line, whisper, inside out ring, swing walk, triangle tyre, combined feet, assault course, tug of war, caneoing, volley ball and many more.

    For all your bookings contact: Marketing 0779 080 906/ 0779 897 192


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