State universities teaching staff threaten to ‘down tools’

The Zimbabwe State Universities Union of Academics (ZISUUA), a grouping of State Universities teaching staff , has Thursday  threatened to down tools citing government’s lack of will to address their grievances in the backdrop of economic hardships and run-way inflation.

In a statement issued by ZISUUA president, Alois Muzvuwe, the ministry has failed to proffer solutions on the hardships the lecturers are  enduring.

“The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education Science and Technology Development has failed to provide answers or solutions to low standards of living that are being experienced by the state Universities teaching staff.

“It was noted that the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED), had produced a supplementary budget in which a 300% increment on commodities price was noted ,although this is not  commensurate to efforts of adjusting salaries of the entire higher and tertiary education sector,” he said.

“At this meeting it was also said that in spite of the state universities having submitted a salary review paper through the Zimbabwe State Universities Negotiating Forum, with Professor Ncube assuring the negotiating forum’s technical committee that are position paper would be considered in the July 2019 supplementary budget and  the plight of all state universities workers was not addressed in the supplementary budget, he added

Pressure has been mounting for the government as civil servants from all sectors are tabling growing concerns of incapacitation in every passing day.