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Bindura gold dealer Kudzanai Kangara was buried, about four meters away from the main house at his rural homestead in Shamva, in a tinted glass mausoleum with sliding double doors which have his two identical pictures.

Son fights over Bindura gold dealer estate

One of the thirteen children of a Bindura gold dealer – who died in January last year – is facing assault charges after he attacked one Peter Chitabura over the US$ million dollar estate of the deceased.

Darlington Kangara, son of the late Bindura gold dealer Kudzanai Kangara appeared before Bindura magistrate court after he slapped Chitabura, tripped him to the ground and kicked him in the stomach and ribs.

Kudzanai Kangara was a Zimbabwean businessman based in Bindura who died on 10 January 2021 from a case of suspected Covid-19.

Insiders say Kangara would often flaunt his wealth, especially vehicles, at the nearby Aerodrome Shopping Centre, where he would sometimes drive with bars of gold placed on the dashboard.

He owned a Range Rover, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Mercedes Benz X-Class, a McLaren and Toyota brands such as Prados and Land cruisers.

Turning to the court case, it is alleged that Darlington pointed gun at the complainant, snatched his cellphone, smashed it to the ground and stamped on it.

It is the State’s case that on December 14, last year the complainant Chitabura (46) of number 140 Greenhill in Bindura was contacted by Darlington’s aunt identified as Agriana Kangara.

The court heard that Agriana advised Chitabura that they were to meet the executor, one Mandizvidza and an evaluator Gibson Chimbetete at Matuka complex in Bindura concerning the properties of the late Kudzanai Kangara.

It is alleged that while at Matuka complex a misunderstanding ensued between Darlington and Chitabura.

Mr Chimbetete allegedly took Chitabura and went with him to Bindura Musika bus terminus.

The court heard that while at the bus terminus the altercation between Chitabura and Darlington continued.

Darlington allegedly slapped Chitabura once on the left eye, tripped him to the ground and kicked him several times in the stomach and ribs.

It is alleged that while doing this, Darlington was holding a firearm on his left hand.

He allegedly took Chitabura’s itel P36 cellphone and smashed it to the ground and stamped on it, causing it to shatter.

The court heard that Darlington was restrained by Mr Chimbetete from further assaulting Chitabura who reported the matter to the police.

On December 17 last year Chitabura was medically examined at Bindura Hospital and the medical report will be produced in court as an exhibit. He appeared before Bindura magistrate Samantha Dhlamini facing assault charges.

He was remanded out of custody to March 17.

The prosecutor Audrey Murambiwa told the court that the accused resides at number 3046 Aerodrome in Bindura.

The Late Kudzanai Kangara