Soldier robs money changer

A member of the Zimbabwe National Army stationed at Manyame airbase who ganged up with two other men, terrorising and robbing money changers in Chitungwiza using his uniform to authenticate his position as an army official has been dragged to court on charges of robbery.

Noresr Nyasora (29) who is jointly charged with Tichaona Sorera (27) and Mafeking Tagara (24) who are both unemployed would go to the money changers under the pretext that they wanted to change their Bond notes into USD before pouncing on their unsuspecting victims who would have been coaxed into their car.

The gang is facing two counts of robbery before Harare Magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa.

Prosecuting, Sebastian Mutizirwa opposed their placement on bail and the court is yet to make its determination.

Allegations are that on January 30 and at around 1700hours, the gang hatched a plan to rob unsuspecting money changers at Zengeza Shopping centre. They allegedly approached one Ophias Chinomona under the pretext that they wanted to convert their Bond Notes into US Dollars. The trio advised Chinomona of their intentions of returning the following day after they had sourced finances and finalise a deal with him.

The following day at 1000 hours, Sosera contacted Chinomono inquiring on his whereabouts and he was given the directions. After meeting him, the trio together with the money changer met at ZESA offices in Zengeza 2 and they got into their vehicle before driving away.

Whilst in the car, they made small talk with Chinomono confirming the day’s rate for the USD before they told him that he was under arrest for illegally dealing in foreign currency.

The gang flushed camouflage regalia to authenticate their claims as well as instilll fear in him.

The trio assaulted Chinomono several times, searched him and took USD$1 300, $400 Bond and ZAR50 which was on his person before pushing him out of the vehicle.