Solanki urges unity in fight against COVID-19


VIVEK Solanki, a medical practitioner and owner of Trauma Centre in the affluent suburb of Borrowdale, on Monday told Zim Morning Post that it was time Zimbabweans united to tackle COVID-19.

Solanki recently set up a COVID-19 facility accessible for free to those afflicted by the virus.

“I urge fellow Zimbabweans to forget about their personal differences and unite in the fight against the coronavirus. Unity is the only way that will make us overcome this disease,” Solanki said.

“The disease is very dangerous, and we need to put our heads together. We have a lot of infrastructure that is currently derelict in our communities. Let’s use those buildings as quarantine or isolation facilities,” Solanki added.

Solanki called on Zimbabwe to build on the solidarity already sparked by the crisis.

“We should feel for our neighbours and help them. It is not the duty of government alone to assist the needy as all of us have a role to play in fighting against coronavirus,” he added.

Meanwhile, neighbouring South Africa on Tuesday set aside R500-billion as a war chest for COVID-19, with the vulnerable, particularly the unemployed and elderly, expected to get government subsidies in both cash and kind.

“The impact of the coronavirus requires an extraordinary coronavirus budget… the scale of this emergency programme is historical,” South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa said.

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