‘Sick Grace Mugabe’ postpones Zvimba funeral wake… as divisions rock family

FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s funeral wake in Zvimba which was scheduled for Sunday was postponed at the 11th hour amid reports the former first lady “Grace Mugabe is sick and could not travel approximately 80 kilometres to Zvimba.”

Family spokesperson Leo Mugabe addressed hundreds of mourners gathered at Mugabe’s rural home that the funeral wake will take place on Monday.

The body is no longer coming today because the former first lady is sick,” Leo Mugabe said.

However, investigations by the Zim Morning Post revealed that there are deep divisions in the family over how the Mugabe funeral is being handled.

Sources said Grace is not involving close relatives in decision making.

When a family man dies the widow ceases to be in charge because the relatives usually take over.

But that is not what is happening in this case,” said the source.

The family has not been in good books with amai.

Sekuru used to come every weekend as long as he was in the country but ambuya could come once of twice a month.

Zvinoitika kana amai vachinge vafa. Amainini vanozouya vanogona kunge vasingapakuri sezvaiita amaiguru. Izvi zvinopa kuti vana vasafarire amainini. (What happens when a mother passes on is that when the father remarries, the children may not like the second woman because she will be stingy.)

Another source said Grace has never been happy with the Zvimba homestead because it has always been referred to as the late first lady Sally Mugabe’s home.

“You see that rubbish pit. That was where Sally would dump refuse and ashes from her kitchen.

“Grace never built another kitchen here because she did not consider it her home,” said the source.

Another Gushungo elder said the whole issue was not properly handled from the day Mugabe’s body arrived in Zimbabwe.

The Gushungos expected the body to lie in state at his Zvimba homestead than in Harare.

It is a pity that happened. We hope she (Grace) will ask for forgiveness for keeping the body in Harare.”


  1. Matanga vanhu vatema. You were having your kangaroo courts with presidential representatives as chiefs and now you say Grace is making decisions. Kana asingadiwe hake nevanhu mupeiwo nguva yekuchema. When she was suffering looking after Mugabe you were not there. Leo kept saying chiefs and the Zvimba people are making the decisions now you say its Grace. Did you want her to live kumusha? Kana aitouya once or twice a month that was very good! How many of you go to your rural homes that often? Please shut up and do what you have to do. I am not related to Grace, I never supported some of the things she did before but on this one, dont harass the widow!

  2. If a man passes on, his relatives take charge and the widow abstain from decision making because she is a daughter in law(muroora) Haatongi musha we murume. This happens when you marry a prostitute who does not have manners. Grace was never taught manners. She never loved Mugabe from day One. She was after wealthy and very soon she will hook up someone wealthy and repeat. Mark my words!

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