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Security guards pocket US$53,000 after Quest Finance heist

In a dramatic twist following the heist at Quest Finance, two security guards have confessed to pocketing a substantial sum of money from the crime scene. Cornelius Muchikange and Nesbert Kachungwe, both 35 years old and employed by J and P Security Company, allegedly seized US$53,000 during the aftermath of the robbery.

Appearing before Harare magistrate Ethel Chichera on Monday, the duo pleaded guilty to theft. They are scheduled to return to court for sentencing on Tuesday.

According to court proceedings, the guards stumbled upon a plastic bag containing the ill-gotten cash, inadvertently dropped by the fleeing robbers. Rather than reporting the discovery, they opted to divide the loot between themselves.

Muchikange wasted no time in spending his share. He acquired a Nissan Sulphy for US$3,700 and secured a residential plot in Harare’s East View area for US$6,000. Additionally, he used US$2,500 to pay lobola—a traditional bride price—to his in-laws.

Kachungwe, the other accomplice, invested in a Nissan AD Van, paying US$6,100 for the vehicle. He also allocated US$1,000 to purchase building materials.

The complainant in this case is Daniel Mandizvidza (54), the head of operations at Quest Financial Services. The incident unfolded on February 25 around 1:30 AM when a gang of 12 armed robbers—equipped with pistols, an unidentified blank firearm, drills, iron bars, bolt cutters, and explosives—ambushed Mandizvidza in his bedroom. After forcibly entering his quarters, they proceeded to ransack various offices.

The robbers targeted the Operations Manager’s safe, detonating it with explosives and making off with a staggering US$744,000 in cash. Additionally, they seized 120 Euros and ZAR 10,500, stuffing the foreign currency into a plastic bag and cardboard box.

Their escape was abruptly interrupted by the timely arrival of both Safe Guard and J & P Security Service reaction teams. The guards, stationed at the front of the premises, inadvertently left behind a grinder, fuse detonators, two laptops, and US$5,000 in cash as they fled from the back of the building.

The court awaits the final verdict as the fate of Muchikange and Kachungwe hangs in the balance.

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