Sasai lambasted for invading Econet users with useless messages

TEXT messages are a very effective marketing tool, but that is until they drive receivers insane after the texts turn into the most annoying of spams (junk messages), ready to blow up their cellphones.

Sasai Africa’s messages are an example of such spams, resultantly setting most social media platforms like Twitter ablaze, with users lodging complaints after they received more messages from Sasai than their loved ones.

Sasai is a social payments application that allows people to pay their bills, chat with friends and family as well as explore different mobile applications.

Services receivers are also lodging complaints, saying Sasai was on a mission to pump up their cellphones with irrelevant messages.

“So, Econet support, are you going to send me the 2 000 messages now that all of my friends are on Sasai? That will be great, especially since i have no option of disabling those notifications. Now, I have just received 10. Soon, I will be somewhere around 30. Have a blessed day,” someone tweeted.

Some Econet customers were complaining about how Sasai was sending its messages after every two seconds without permission.

“WhatsApp has all these permissions as do WeChat, but they never spammed anyone. I am not sure who thought it was a good idea. But l hope Cassava Smartech stops. The Sasai brand already started with controversy on intellectual property, now this,” an Econet customer said.

“What is this Sasai beast? Sasai can’t just slide into my inbox without my consent,” another customer added.

Econet services receivers also highlighted how Sasai’s direct marketing was an infringement on the ethics and values of its customers, including their right to public communication.

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