Sanctions a stumbling block for community radio stations

Sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western Countries  and United States of America are an obstacle for Government to issue licenses for Community Radios in the country , a member of Parliament for Seke  rural Honourable Munyaradzi Kashambe has claimed.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a belated World Radio Day Celebrations organised by Amnesty International, Zimbabwe  Community Radio Stations, Community Radio Harare and Radio Chiedza in Seke rural this week, the legislator said that sanctions are proving to be a stumbling block for Community Radio Stations.

“ Sanctions are a stumbling block for the government to issue licenses for community radios, the government is willing to give licenses to  community radio stations but acquiring the resources which are needed is a major challenge,” said Kashambe.

Kashambe also raised fear of regime change from the government side saying that  it is important for the government to know the owners and motives of such establishments.

“ The government is also worried about regime change agenda that is  why sometimes we are hesitant to issue those licenses, we have to control what comes from those radios, sometimes what comes from the radios is a good and some of the things are bad,” he said.

Since independence, Zimbabwe has not yet issued licenses for community radio stations.

Speaking at the same event,  Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS)   Director Vivian Marara- Zhangazha said that Community Radio stations are important for development and growth for communities.

“Community Radios are important to our communities in terms of growth and development, we continue to urge the government to issue community radio licenses,” said Marara-Zhangazha.

Zimbabwe joined hands with other countries in celebrating world Radio Day  on 13 February which was being run under the theme Peace, Tolerance and Dialogue.