Robbed fans ‘get reprive’ as Sakunda, NetOne, ZIFA charter 200-seater Warriors fan plane

The Egyptian embassy is pulling all the stops to ensure they clear an influx of Warriors supporters who flooded their corridors in a last minute dash to board a 200-seater chartered plane set to leave for Egypt any time today.

The Warriors fan group was initially comprised of 40 before Zimbabwe Football Association extended a further 35 supporters following the benevolence of members of the Warriors fundraising committee.

NetOne CEO Lazarus Muchenje and businessman Kuda Tagwireyi of Sakunda Holdings are part of the Warriors fundraising committee.

When the question was posed to him, Muchenje could neither confirm nor deny the development only choosing to give a terse reply: “I am part of the fundraising committee.”

Insiders said NetOne came on board following Zim Morning Post exposé regarding the dog-eat-dog scuffle between journalists, ZIFA councillors, lady friends and hangers ons for the initial 40 seats.

The developments opened floodgates as the fortunate 35 rushed to the Egyptian Embassy.

The chartered plane had been earlier scheduled to take off at midday but is set to take off later today.

Zim Morning Post witnessed as Egypt embassy staff went out of their way to assist the Zimbabwean contingent.

The embassy closes its gates at 12 noon but by 13:30 hours it was still accepting Warriors fans who were knocking on their gate for assistance.

Zim Morning Post was at hand as sons of top politicians told off how they had received phone calls late yesterday evening informing them that they were now part of the Egypt trip.

Some had letters addressed to ZIFA from the Engineering Authority Guest House in Cairo informing them that they were part of a delegation of 80 fans that will be staying at the hotel from June 20 to 30, and how the Guest House was pleased to be hosting them.

An impeccable source told Zim Morning Post that ZIFA president Felton Kamambo’s children also had their visas processed today.

The Warriors clash with the Pharaohs at Cairo International Stadium in the opener of the Africa Cup of Nations with Zimbabwe desperately needing every voice they can get.

This did not seem to faze Egyptian embassy staffers who were courteous and accommodating to the Warriors supporters.

A worker at the Embassy who requested anonymity as they do not have permission to speak to the press said the last two days have been busy days for Embassy staff.

“Its not usually like this but because of the match, embassy staff have been very busy,” the worker said.

At the time of publishing, Warriors fans were still having their visas processed.