Religious leaders say personal hygiene is crucial in avoiding the spread of COVID-19

Zimbabwe Council of Churches secretary general Rev Kenneth Mtata.

THE Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) on Tuesday said although there had been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Zimbabwe yet, people should still institute preventative hygienic measures.

The ZCC said Zimbabweans should be on high alert and always practise hygiene etiquettes.

ZCC noted there was a high risk the virus would find its way into the country, considering that the country’s neighbour, South Africa, has confirmed cases of the pandemic.

“Chances of the spread of COVID-19 are high since our largest trading partner, South Africa, already has confirmed cases of the virus,” ZCC said.

In a Press statement, ZCC noted that due to the high levels of travelling, unclear preparedness of local health facilities, the organisation was encouraging religious leaders to be sources of factual information.

“We are mindful that information is power and therefore urge all religious leaders to be sources of credible and factual information,” ZCC noted.

The organisation urged all religious and liturgical processes that entail physical contact to be halted.

“We recommend the ban of mass gatherings and discourage regional and international travels in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19,” ZCC said

Meanwhile, the the religious organisation also urged Zimbabweans to be mindful of the virus while going about their daily activities.

People should wash their hands under running water for under 20 minutes and avoid handshakes, ZCC also recommended.

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