Reddy family in illegal borehole drilling storm

Reddy family borehole drilling storm

Reddy family in illegal borehole drilling storm

THE wealthy Reddy family is allegedly masterminding an illegal borehole drilling scheme in Zimbabwe after relocating from Zambia under unclear circumstances, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

Investigations made by this publication established that the family, led by Ranjy Reddy, was kicked out of Zambia and are trekking to the country.

“The family relocated into the country and recently held a meeting at Mchuzi lodge where they were plotting to take over and elbow out local players in the industry,” revealed our trusted source.

Inside sources at the Competition and Tariff Commission confirmed that the Reddy family’s activities are under scrutiny.

“Ranjy (Reddy) is not paying paying ZImra, Zimdef and NSSA levies and their rigs are not operating legally, I can put it to you that they have no permits to live and work in the country, unless if they bribed officials,” said our source. 

When contacted for comment, Ranjy confirmed that he was eyeing to set up a borehole drilling company in the country but said he has followed all due process.

“I have not yet started business here. Because my company is new here. I have done all registration. Waiting for jobs to get. As I’m new here I’m not able to make any business here,”Ranjy said.

“Some of my friends, colleagues are in same business for last several years in Zimbabwe and are in a better position to comment,” said Ranjy.

Meanwhile, the District Development Fund recently combined with a Chinese partner to drill at least 500 boreholes in the Southern region of the country.

Reddy family in illegal borehole drilling scheme

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