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Police investigate the shooting of High Court judge

A man who was driving home in Harare on Tuesday when he fired a pistol near High Court Judge Justice Emilia Muchawa told police afterwards that he did so because he believed he was being pursued by robbers.

Nation Musekwa (36), a local resident, and the judge were reportedly following each other as they drove through Good Hope in northwest Harare when Musekwa allegedly fired a shot into the air.

Police are looking into shooting incident.

“Police are currently investigating a case in which a complainant is saying he or she was being followed by armed robbers,” said police spokesperson Paul Nyathi.

“We have since intensified investigations into the case and will update the nation, with any developments,” he said.

When police interviewed Musekwa, he explained that he had fired the gun into the air because he had previously been the victim of an armed robbery and believed other thieves were after him.

The police have recovered the pellet gun used and will give more details as they are established.

The chief of corporate services for the Judicial Services Commission, Mr. Daniel Nemukuyu, stated in a statement that the commission is still awaiting a police report.