Police in dramatic u-turn on MDC Alliance officials’ arrest


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) on Thursday made a dramatic u-turn on the whereabouts of MDC Alliance officials, raising fears that the trio may have been abducted.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi had on Wednesday told state media that MDC-Alliance legislator Joanah Mamombe and opposition party members, Cecilia Chinembiri and Netsai Marova had been arrested for allegedly engaging in an illegal demonstration in Harare.

“I can confirm that the police arrested the three in Harare today in connection with an illegal demonstration, which occurred in Warren Park earlier in the day. They are in our custody and we are still making further investigations into the issue,” Nyathi was quoted as having said.

However, less than 24 hours later police took to twitter to deny responsibility, saying the supposed arrest was never made and their in fact searching for the trio’s whereabouts.

“The ZRP wishes to make it clear that the MDC Alliance members who include Joanah Mamombe, Obey Sithole, Ostallous Siziba, Stanely Manyenga and Justin Chidziva (including Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marowa)who were  involved in an illegal flash demonstration on May 13 in Warren Park, Harare, are not  in police custody,” police said in the statement.

The ZRP have also claimed to be in contact lawyers’ representing the trio, requesting them to handover their clients for an interview with regards to the illegal demonstration they illegally mounted this week in Warren Park.

“Their lawyer has been in contact with the Officer Commanding Police, Harare Province and was told to bring his clients for an interview with regards to the above cited matter. This is the official position,” the police Twitter read.

“Police, therefore dismiss all social media insinuations that the MDC Alliance members were either detained or are in police custody,” the statement further read.


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