Parking marshals accused of corruption

Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba
  • Motorists, parking marshals clash over corruption
  • Parking marshals warned for overcharging motorists.
  • City Parking faces closure

MOTORISTS are up in arms against corrupt parking marshals who are in the habit of fleecing them, Zim Morning Post can report.

Disgruntled motorists filed reports and submitted evidence to City Parking head office on Tuesday.

In an interview with the Zim Morning Post, a Harare motorist Tendai Mhofu said he had been overcharged several times.

“Most parking marshals are overcharging us and manipulating the system,” he said.

City Parking public relations manager Francis Mandaza confirmed that motorists had approached them and acknowledged that some parking marshals were involved in corrupt activities.

He promised that corrective measures would taken to rid of the vice as well as improve service delivery.

“Where we have received cases of corruption on mishandling of funds on the streets, we have responded and disciplinary processes take precedence once the issues are reported,” Mandaza said.

“This is the reason why we are coming up with a mobile parking application where it will be a self-service application. We are trying to reduce the interface between motorists and marshals,” he added.

Recently, government dropped a bombshell on Harare City Council, directing city fathers to dissolve all strategic business units it had formed, including City Parking and Harare Quarry, among others, claiming they were being used as conduits to siphon revenue from the local authority.

In a letter dated December 16, 2019 and addressed to Mayor Herbert Gomba, Local Government minister July Moyo said there was strong suspicion that some of the companies were being used to steal council resources.

“On that note, City Parking, without any investments, had not been bringing in any meaningful revenue to council and Sunshine Holdings seems to be a conduit to siphon out council resources. Furthermore, Harare Quarry (Pvt) Ltd demands payment upfront for material ordered by council, while it is being subsidized for making losses,” he wrote.

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