Parirenyatwa hospital in ‘intensive care’

Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals is in dire need of intervention from the Ministry of Health as the standards at the hospital have hit an all time low.

The hospital has become overcrowded and the referral patients from non- performing public hospitals has worsened the situation and the population of patients has increased resulting in patients being attended to along the corridors .

Zim Morning Post team on Tuesday visited the hospital at 7 PM and witnessed patients receiving treatment by nurses in the corridors. There is a shortage of beds  leaving some patients lying on the floor and on stretcher beds in the waiting rooms.

It is believed that the hospital is crowded with patients being referred from other hospitals chief among them Harare Central Hospital.

One doctor who spoke on condition of anonymity said the situation in the public hospitals continues to deteriorate with Harare Hospital currently operating with just one ventilation machine.

“Equipment is not fully functional. No enough  ventilating machines to help the critical patients who need assistance with breathing, machines are old and of poor quality. Breakdowns are now the order of the day and it takes ages to fix the machines”.

With the look of things currently Parirenyatwa is the only hospital functioning leading to the overcrowding in the hospital. The number of people dying at the hospital is disturbing and the situation is not improving.

For an hour that our team was there, at least four people died in the waiting room.

Towards the end of the year Public Hospitals went at a standstill when junior doctors downed tools for nearly two months citing poor working conditions and the failure by the government to provide them with necessary equipment for the job.

The Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors Association (ZHDA) members accuse the Government of worsening the situation by not honouring the Collective Bargaining agreement signed in 2019.

There is need for government to intervene by either by extending the hospital since there is bigger space.