No police report nailing Magaya: ZRP

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), on Thursday, issued a statement saying there is no any police report against Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries leader Walter Magaya.

This comes on the backdrop of media reports on Magaya’s alleged sexual abuses on Charity Dlolo and Sarah Maruta. The statement also comes at a time when Women’s Coalition in Zimbabwe has issued a notice that it will host a discussion around Magaya’s alleged sexual abuses.

Dlolo and Maruta went public alleging they were sexually abused but later on backtracked and apologised to Magaya.

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi (Senior Staff Officer for Press, Public and International Relations) said the police is committed to bringing culprits to justice provided they receive consistent and reliable evidence.

“In the issue of Charity Dlodlo and Sarah Maruta, we have checked with the named stations and there are no records to show that any such charges were brought before the police.
“And what has been disturbing with these accusations, is that when the police were ready to pounce, the victims would turn around and say they never made such allegations. This makes the work of the police difficult, especially that such allegations involve adults. It would have been a different case were minors involved.
“For the justice delivery system to work, we need consistent and reliable witnesses, who will not turn around and say
said the police spokesperson.

He said besides the risk of false allegations being made, there is also the risk of police officers who might try to obstruct the delivery of justice, officers whom he warned will be dealt with, if they are proved to have worked against the interests of justice.

The statement by ZRP comes at a time when legal experts have warned in the absence of concrete evidence charges against Magaya will mot stick.