NBS employees to camp at Treasury until SI 142 is removed

NATIONAL Building Society (NBS) employees on Tuesday said they were incapacitated and, therefore no longer able to commute to and from work due to salary erosion.

A communiqué from the non-managerial staff addressed to the human resources department read: “As staff, we love our jobs and to fulfil that mandate, we thus need to stay at work and not go home so that we are ready to serve and do our duties.”

The workers also said starting from November 13, they

would be putting up at work until such time when their salaries would cover their travel expenses.

 NBS employees said they would, beginning tomorrow, bring along to their workplace requisite basic materials such as blankets, food, clothing and toiletries  as would allow them to go into  camp until a change of circumstance occurred in their finances.

“We have also asked our family members to join us at end of each day so that we do not have problems at home,” said the workers.

 The Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers’ Union (Zibawu) spokesperson, Peter Mutasa, said the union would support the NBS workers in every way possible.

“We are supporting the workers as NBS has not been forthcoming in as far as addressing workers’ issues is concerned in comparison with other banks across the country.

“NBS has not been  paying transport and lunch allowances to its workers since inception,” Mutasa said.

The Zibawu spokesperson appeared to blame Finance minister Mthuli Ncube’s Statutory Instrument 142, which introduced a 2% tax on every electronic transaction effected, for the impoverishment of workers across the spectrum.

Mutasa added that all bank employees would, beginning next week, camp at Finance minister Mthuli’s offices until government struck down SI 142.