Mugabe regalia: A hit in Zvimba

AN old woman only identified as Mbuya Saru is sipping traditional beer at Kutama Shopping Centre in Kutama village, 100 metres from the late former President Robert Mugabe’s rural home.

Mbuya Saru spots a July 2013 Mugabe campaign cap and a wrapper around her shoulders.

Mbuya Saru was not the only person wearing the regalia, as it has actually become fashionable in Kutama where Mugabe is considered a hero.

When the Zim Morning post arrived at Kutama growth point several people around the shopping centre were putting on Mugabe Tshirts and caps.

The last time Mugabe’s regalia was fashionable was prior to the violent 2008 plebiscite, where people were forced to wear it or risk being tortured at political bases established by the then Mugabe system.

This time around, people in Kutama no longer put on their hero’s regalia due to fears of victimisation for still paying tribute to their icon, whose regalia was thrown into the dustbin following the November 2017 military intervention which removed Mugabe from power.

“We love our President (Mugabe). He brought development here in Kutama and Zimbabwe at large. So, we are wearing his regalia as a way to celebrate his life;  a life well lived,” Mbuya Saru said.

During Mugabe’s heydays, his regalia was used by those purporting to be close to him as they went on rampage committing heinous crimes, something which Mbuya Saru said was unfortunate.

You are talking about people who abused his “face” to commit crimes. That was very unfortunate. I know Gushungo was not involved in all that rubbish,” Mbuya Saru added.

She was not the only person wearing Mugabe’s regalia. It seems as if the whole of Kutama people still had the regalia, stashed somewhere in their suitcases since November 2017.

People of all ages were gathered at the former President’s rural home, putting on his campaign regalia which some people hate with passion while others love it in equal measure.

They were there and merrymaking at Mugabe’s funeral, dancing to Magate by Enzo Ishal while they kept their vigil until the veteran leader is laid to rest on Sunday.

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