MPs demand upward review of ZWL2 000 salaries

  • MPs want salaries, allowances based on official interbank exchange rate
  • MPs want money meant for hotel bookings paid directly to them

PARLIAMENTARIANS on Tuesday expressed dissatisfaction over what they described as meagre salaries and sitting allowances from government, Zim Morning Post has heard.

During a parliamentary session yesterday, Norton Member of Parliament Themba Mliswa, purporting to represent MPs, complained that the allowances they were receiving were too low to meet their needs.

Currently, the money that we are getting is (next to) nothing. We cannot even pay school fees for our children (with it). A lot of things are happening. We are even failing to access medical care because it is expensive; what more our children?” Mliswa said.

Mliswa said Parliament should pay legislators’ allowances based on the current interbank exchange rate.

“If you compare the money we are receiving with that of other countries, it is not much but we never complain. We came here and passed the budget. (Ever) since the Finance minister (brought in the) mono-currency system, I was looking forward to getting (the equivalent of) US$2 000 (as) salary and US$75 (as sitting allowance) at the (prevailing) interbank rate,” he said.

“There are other rates which are there – we are not looking at them – but as legislators who pass the laws of the land, the interbank is the official rate,” he added.

Mliswa advised Parliament to give directly to MPs the money intended for hotel bookings so they may invest into the development of stands and housing projects.

“The other issue is that the stands which we were given, if the money that we are paying to hotels was given to us, then a person can make a choice whether to develop the stand or not,” he said.

Parliamentarians were previously given US$2 000 and US$75 as salaries and sitting allowances before introduction of the rapidly deteriorating Zimbabwe dollar.

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