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More tax on second-hand cars as Govt introduces pre-export inspection

HARARE — Prospective second-hand motor vehicle buyers are set to pay ZAR2 310.00 (US$145) for a pre-export inspection of their vehicles on top of duty, following new government regulations.

Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce has to this effect appointed EAA Company Limited (EAA) as an inspection company for a Pre-shipment Verification of Conformity (PVoC) program for the roadworthiness of used vehicles exported to Zimbabwe.

The verification program is in effect from the 1st of June 2022 with each inspection pegged at ZAR2 310.00 plus VAT (Including tax and Government administration fee).

“All used vehicles arriving in Zimbabwe will require an EAA certificate of conformity (COC) to comply with import regulations on arrival at the Zimbabwe border (unless shipping documentation verifies the vehicle was shipped prior to the inspection commencement date of 1st of June 2022),” reads an EAA memo.

“Pre-shipment inspections will commence in the following countries from the 1st of June 2022: Japan, United Kingdom, Singapore, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.”

EAA is a Company of Japanese origin with a core business of pre-shipment inspection of motor vehicles.

Information on its website read: “We have an in-depth knowledge of the motor vehicle inspection industry and are equipped with technology that provides high quality and efficient inspection services. We have inspection facilities in all the major ports of Japan. In particular our main sites service Yokohama (Tokyo Bay), Kawasaki, Kisarazu, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe and Kita-Kyusyu. We are also equipped to provide pre-export inspection services from other global export markets.”