Chamisa terrorism threats unacceptable – Togarepi

ZANU PF youth league boss Pupurai Togarepi has Tuesday described MDC as a terrorist group bent on collapsing the Zimbabwean economy and disturbing the peace which is currently prevailing in the country.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post in Harare, Togarepi said MDC leader Nelson Chamisa’s intention of trying to subvert a constitutionally elected Government by the use of firearms was unwelcome.

“His sentiments are very scary but we have said it before that this Party is a terrorist party but people dismissed us but we all heard what Nelson Chamisa said over the weekend about the use of guns,” said Togarepi.

Togarepi went on to warn the MDC not to provoke and disturb the peace in the country.
“ Chamisa should be reminded that this is no longer students politics, the boy should grow up and such acts of  banditry have no place in a democratic country,” Togarepi added.

In his address at a rally over the weekend in Glen View South, Chamisa said the Zanu PF led government was pushing the opposition too far.

He however said the MDC shall not be provoked to a point of using guns to retaliate the abuses.

“The fact that we are not carrying guns does not mean we cannot. It is just a choice that we do not, because Tsvangirai taught us to be peaceful. If I’m given a gun, I can use it. I may be overpowered in the process, but I can use it.

“We can use guns, but we just don’t want to cause unnecessary bloodshed,” said Chamisa to cheers from party followers.

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