MaShurugwi menace, threat to investors in mining sector

  • MaShurugwi threaten gold sector viability
  • Gold cartels sprouting

MACHETE-WIELDING gangs are part of criminal elements working under gold cartel networks, and this is poised to negatively impact on the mining sector, Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers’ Union president Justice Chinhema has said.

He said employees in the gold sector were living in fear of the machete-wielding gangs, popularly known as MaShurugwi.

“These machete wielding gangs are criminals who must be arrested and rot in jail. We are calling for proper investigations into these criminals’ leaders.

“We have said before that there are cartels controlling the gold sector and it’s not good for investment in the mining industry. What we once said about these criminals has come to pass,” Chinhema said.

“Of late, we have witnessed several deaths of miners where some pillars of disused mines collapsed.

“It was because of these gangs who would force themselves and enter mines illegally, in the process destroying mine pillars, resulting in lives being were lost.

“We are deeply concerned about how these gangs are operating at will, and without respecting the rules governing the mining sector.

“We call for government arms to be activated, including the judiciary so that they act independently and ensure that justice prevails,” Chinhema added.

He concluded that while Zimbabwe was busy luring investors in the mining industry, machete-wielding gangs were drawing back the efforts.

“What we have allowed to go on for too long is unacceptable. They have made all disused mines unsafe for investors.

“We must work together to bring sanity in the mining industry for the benefit of our environment and miners,” Chinhema said.


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