Margolis Holdings 39 th Anniversary Luncheon…….A celebration with a purpose

Margolis Holdings celebrated their 39th Anniversary yesterday which was well attended by guests of all walks of life.

Speeches were given by Mr Margolis himself, followed by former Minister Hebert Murerwa and the Turkish Ambassador Mr Hakan Kivanc. Amongst the guest was the second secretary of the Embassy of Namibia Mr Daniel Gertze.

Mr Margolis gave the history of the Company to date and the future plans particularly for the Stephen Margolis Resort which included adding their rooms to 100 +, opening of their casino, and building of the restaurant and bars on their water front and developing a theme park which includes water features and amusement rides.

Mr Margolis also mentioned the availability of several sites in Harare were they have developed and are developing stands for houses and industrial use in Carrick Creagh, Mandara, Waterfalls, Derbyshire and Aspindale.

He also mentioned several houses ready to buy and occupy, which they built and completed.

“We are building more houses for sale in all our sites,” Mr Margolis said.

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