Mandiwanzira explodes in court

Former Information and Communication Technology minister, Supa Mandiwanzira, exploded in court when he took to the witness stand to testify in his application for referral of his matter to the constitutional court.

Mandiwanzira had his application for exception of charges dismissed by the same court and now he wants it taken to the concourt. While giving his testimony, Mandiwanzira lost his temper saying the allegations against him were nonsensical.

“After having the best interests of the people and government and doing what is expected of you in government then later being dragged to court for doing just that is very nonsensical,” exploded the former minister before Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo stopped him in his tracks.

The Nyanga South member of parliament also said he felt that he was being persecuted as he had consulted with his principals, the then president, Robert Mugabe and vice presidents before making any major decisions. He also said he had written to cabinet to have minutes of the consultative meetings he had had extracted to show how he had been well advised before making any decisions.

“When I made the decisions after having consulted with my principals I was applauded and now I may actually being sent to jail for doing the right thing which was expected of me.

“I am being harassed by being constantly appearing in court when I did not commit any offense and neither are the allegations to the effect that I benefited in my personal capacity,” said the former minister.