Magistrate stuns court, removes Chin’ono lead lawyer

Magistrate stuns court, removes Chin’ono lead lawyer

HARARE magistrate Ngoni Nduna on Tuesday stunned many when he ordered the disqualification of Hopewell Chin’ono’s lead lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, ruling that she had disobeyed court orders.

Chin’ono has now selected Advocate Taona Nyamakura to be his lead lawyer.

Nduna removed and banned Mtetwa from representing freelance journalist Chin’ono for unprofessional conduct.

He ordered that Prosecutor General institute contempt of court proceedings against her and for Law Society of Zimbabwe to be provided with copy of his judgement.

In his ruling Nduna upheld prosecutor Mabhaudhi’s application made last week: “Her (Mtetwa’s) statements transgressed the sub judice rule and contempted the court.

“Practitioners with such blatant character have to be dismissed before the courts.”

In his ruling, Nduna also ordered that the Prosecutor General be approached with view to instituting prosecution on Mtetwa for her “unbecoming” posts on her Facebook page, including “unpalatable” contents carried in a letter she wrote to the court on July 27.

Part of the ruling against Mtetwa also directed that a copy of his judgment be availed to the Law Society of Zimbabwe so that corresponding disciplinary action, if any, be taken against Mtetwa.

However, while addressing the media outside the Rotten Row courts Mtetwa said she will challenge Nduna’s judgement.

The State had alleged Mtetwa has been posting Hopewell Chin’ono court case proceedings on; “Beatrice Mtetwa and the Rule of Law” Facebook page.

Mtetwa had argued that she does not own or control the Facebook Page in question.

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