Lockdown aid: Muduvuri reaches out to people living with disabilities

Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches Council Jimayi Muduvuri has intensified the churches'anti sanctions fight

With everyone fighting for survival noone has ever checked on how people living with disabilities have been coping with the corona virus induced lockdown that has seen the economy grinding to a halt.

Muduvuri Rehabilitation and Empowerment Foundation, a not-for-profit-organisation led by businessman and Zanu PF politician Jimayi Muduvuri, has been on the ground handing out food parcels to people living with disability in the country’s ten provinces.

“I was involved in an accident and some people, especially President Emmerson Mnangagwa, then Defence minister, came to my rescue.” Muduvuri said in an interview.

“My legs were crushed in that accident and I was about to be amputated. It was Oppah Muchinguri who saw me at a local bank in Harare and asked me what had happened to my kegs as i was wheekchair bound.

“She then said she was to inform Mnangagwa so that I could be assisted and true to her words Mnangagwa gave me close to R300 000 so I could get medical attention in South Africa,” Muduvuri said.

“I spent the following two years in and out of South African hospitals until I could walk again.”

Muduvuri said it was during his time in hospitals that he decided once he survives he will launch a foundation to help people living with disabilities.

“With the outbreak of the deadly corona virus the whole world was thrown upside down.

“Lockdowns were introduced and I believe the most affected are the people living with disabilities.

“My Foundation has been going around giving food handouts and this weekend we are in Manicaland,” Muduvuri said adding: “I am alive because some people helped me so there is no way I cannot help.”


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