Jonathan Moyo sourced funds for the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC 2018 election campaign

  • Former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi spills the beans
  • Kudzayi says noone in the MDC was doing that

FORMER Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi on Wednesday said the self-exiled former Zanu PF legislator and Higher and Tertiary education minister in the late former President Robert Mugabe’s government, Jonathan Moyo, funded the MDC in the 2018 harmonised elections.

This comes at a time when sources have revealed that the former Zanu PF spin doctor, Moyo, is privately advising MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, a move many MDC activists are not happy with.

On his microblogging Twitter handle, Kudzayi questioned why, during the 2018 elections, Moyo ended up doing ‘consultancy’ work for the MDC in areas such as radio, social media and television adverts.

The former editor also exposed the MDC’s source of funds during their 2018 electoral bid.

“Where did the money come from? It was raised by Jonathan Moyo,” Kudzayi’s Twitter handle read.

One unknown fact is that Jonathan Moyo did not want to publicly support the MDC in 2018, preferring to watch from the terraces.

“It took me four months, January to April 2018, to persuade him to help actively, after which #KwekweHim, #KutongwaKwaro (and) #Excelgate were born,” Kudzayi said.

He further said MDC stockholders must stop worrying over political developments in the country, urging them but to remain focused.

“MDC stockholders need to stop worrying about sharing power that it does not have and focus on action,” Kudzayi said.

Kudzayi also said: “It’s not a debatable issue that there were no adverts on radio, tv and print and then we looked for money, produced and put them. End of story.”

He also asked questions pertaining to what plans the main opposition had for the 2023 elections, including when the perennially promised mass protests would be rolled out.

On his Twitter handle, Kudzayi urged citizens to engage Zimbabwean authorities by emulating what the Sudanese did to overthrow an authoritarian regime in their country.

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