International farmer-organisation makes frantic search for farmlands in Zim


FARMERS’ Delights – a farmers’ co-operative with a membership that cuts across the diaspora and Zimbabwe – on Wednesday had a site visit to two Chegutu and Norton plots with the intention to secure farmlands for its members, Zim Morning Post can report.

In attendance for this Mashonaland West farmlands tour were Zimbabwean representatives of the organisation Antonette Chiwanire, Tafadzwa Marigo, Bothwell Tapera and Irene Ndoro.

Farmers’ Delights consists of a pool of people with interests in agriculture that range from permaculture to horticulture, extending even to commercial farming.

This publication understands that the Farmers’ Delights team first called on Chekari, in Chegutu.

“At Chekari, we presented the purpose of our visit to one Furusa, telling him that our intention was to get land for our horticultural activities, among others,” Ndoro, a Farmers’Delights representative in Zimbabwe, said.

Furusa is said to have offered an eight-hectare plot for leasehold to the co-operative.

Ndoro told Zim Morning Post that the plot owner, Furusa, asked the co-operative to fork out US$1 000 for a three-year lease of the plot.

“We still have to make more consultations with the leadership of our farmer organisation on the offer, some of who are based in the United Kingdom,” Chiwanire, one of the Farmers’ Delights delegation, said.

On the six-hectare Norton plot, Zim Morning Post understands that no negotiations with the owner ever took place, with the owner reportedly making a volte-face on his earlier pledge.

But while farmer co-operatives like Farmers’ Delights make frantic efforts to find land for their membership to go into farming, millions of hectares lie fallow, having been offered to briefcase farmers.

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