IMF team on busy schedule

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)  mission that jetted into the country on February 7 has been on a tight schedule and marathon meetings as they discuss a cocktail of topics with key government sectors including fiscal consolidation and financing, option on the monetary and exchange rate regime, spending pressures (wages,agriculture,social) among other issues.

Chief among the discussions will be re-engagement and debt clearance plan. The IMF had its $107,9 million arrears paid in full in October 2016.

The IMF mission was comprised of  Gene Leon (Head of Mission),Patrick Imam, Niko Hobdari and Trevor Lessad and they met the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe executives.

Documents seen by this publication show that the IMF team will this Thursday meet members of ZAMCO where they will discuss and get an update on developments made by ZAMCO and map the way forward.

They are also expected to meet RBZ governor John Mangudya, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube, permanent secretary Golden Guvamatanga and President Mnangagwa where they will discuss recent macro-economic developments forex market reforms, political support for reforms to restore economic stability and to map the way forward on the relationship between the country and the Bretton Woods institution.

The team expected to leave the country Friday on the same day that IMF African department director Abe Selassie jets in.