Identical twins face extortion charges

Identical twins from Kambuzuma who reportedly prey on men using their identical features have been arraigned before the courts on charges of extortion and assault.

The two lookalikes and partners in crime, Shyleen and Shylet Nyangade (22) appeared before Harare Magistrate Barbra Mateko facing charges of assault which they pleaded guilty to and the State slapped them with extortion charges.

The two have since been released on $100 bail for extortion charges and $100 fine for the assault.

It is alleged that the identical pair hatched a plan to extort money from the complainant, who was in a relationship with Shyleen.

As part of their game plan Shylet would seduce the complainant during Shyleen’s absence and lead him on, take him to the bedroom and then Shyleen would walk in on them while in a compromising position.

It is the State’s case that the complainant and Shylet went into the bedroom where Shyleen pounced on them and started accusing the complainant of infidelity.

The pair started assaulting the complainant with wooden spoons and shoes all over the body while recording a video.

It is the State’s case that the duo went on to extort US$3 000 from the complainant, threatening to leak the video on the social media if he failed to give them the money.

The state is however making efforts to separate charges since the two denied the extortion charges and pleaded guilty to assault charges.

During mitigation for the assault charge, the twins’ lawyer, Liberty Mandivhei pleaded with the court to consider a non-custodial sentence for the two indicating that a fine of $80 was more befitting as they had been pushed by the complainant to act in the manner that they did.

The court heard that Shyleen was married to the complainant who went behind her back and proposed love to her sister, forcing them to act impulsively and assault the husband for the betrayal.