Hre city council housing waiting list goes digital

HARARE City Council (HCC) housing waiting list has gone digital following the automation of the list, Zim Morning Post has learnt.

 The HCC has outsourced the automation of the housing waiting list since they have no capacity to do it internally.

“The automation of the housing waiting list could not be done internally since HCC did not have a fully developed housing module on the new SAGE Enterprise Resource “Planning (ERP) platform yet there was need for transparency in the allocation of council land,” read part of the council minutes.

According to the director of Housing and Community Services Addmore Nhekairo, significant progress has been made in the development of the automated house waiting list.

Meanwhile, Nhekairo recommended the reinstatement of the twelve months waiting list period before renewal.

“HCC has approved the increase in waiting list application fees on condition that the renewal period was pegged at six months’ intervals.

“He has started to implement the new charges for renewal fees of the application on the waiting list registration,” he said.

The waiting list backlog is soaring with the demand for housing having outstripped land availability, without the city authorities putting in place contingent plans to ensure that those on the housing waiting list are serviced.

According to last year’s statistics, at least half a million home-seekers are currently registered on council’s housing waiting list. This development also comes at a time when numerous politically motivated settlements have been left to flourish in the capital, including those established on wetlands.