High Court backlog: JSC to rehire 3 retired judges

The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) will be reengaging at least three retired judges in the next two weeks as it seeks to clear an overwhelming legal backlog at the High Court.

The Chairperson of the JSC Chief Justice Luke Malaba revealed the commission’s intentions after one of the candidates to fill two vacancies at the Supreme Court Justice Samuel Kudya admitted to having 37 reserved cases over a period of three years due to pressure.

 “We (JSC) are going to be appointing three retired judges in the next week or two to take up some of the outstanding cases in the High Court,” said Justice Malaba without elaborating on how the process will entail.

Justice Malaba said he felt the 37 reserved judgments were a bit too much to which Justice Kudya said the issue had to be put into context and he believed he had done his best as a specialised judge.

Justice Kudya is currently manning two courts– the Fiscal Court of Appeal and Income Tax Appeals Court of the High Court.

Five judges Justices Felistus Chatukuta, Alfas Chitakunye, Charles Hungwe, Kudya and Nicholas Mathonsi appeared before the JSC competing for the two positions.

Justice Malaba said successful candidates will be announced soon.

The JSC will forward a list of successful candidates to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to choose from for the promotion.