Harvest House grab: MDC-Alliance battles for fightback strategy

A battle for strategy to regain the grabbed main oppostion, MDC Alliance Headquarters, Harvest House, has commenced amid reports that the militant faction in the party prefers a confrontational fightback while others are pushing for a soft stance approach.

Insiders told the Zim Morning Post that some presidential advisors and lawyers have advised the party leader Nelson Chamisa and his national executive council to walk to their offices as if nothing happened last night.

We advised them to walk to their offices and pretend as if it is business as usual.

“What was the police going to say in the absence of a court eviction order,” the source said.

The late Morgan Tsvangirayi could have just ignored everything and walked into his office.

This is a political game and any other strategy that does not involving facing the beast head on will not work.”

The high ranking official also said the party has faled t handle the take over by issuing statements that point to admission that indeed the “citadel of power has been lost too the enemy.”

“How do you issue a statement accepting that you have lost the citadel of power to your enemy. Something different was needed.

The invaders could have been treated as thieves who broke into the party office and if polce had failed then the partyy could have rallied its supporters to push out ‘thieves’.

In politics one should not easily accept that they have lost what belongs to them.”

This was revealed by some insiders within the party top leadership who now believe that Chamisa’s soft approach in dealing with this issue has made the party unpopular.

“Chamisa is in a shock and was really caught unaware,” said the insider.

“The police do not have a legal basis to bar us from entering our offices and these people in our offices are nothing but thieves who should be arrested by the police.

Approaching the courts is not an option at the moment this is now politics,” the insider said.

The Thokozani Khupe-led MDCT youths yesterday besieged the party headquarters, Morgan Tsvangirai house aided by the Zimbabwe Republic Police and soldiers.

“Army and Police trucks camped at the Harvest House yesterday around 10 pm after Mwonzora circulated a note on social media saying Chamisa had agreed for the handover of the building.”

Chamisa is yet to give a statement on the said letter and Secretary General of the MDC alliance Chalton Hwende said the building was privately owned and cannot be occupied forcefully without a court order.

Fortunately Harvest House is a private owned property. It can’t be taken forcefully by soldiers. They must go to court and obtain an eviction order,” Hwende wrote on his twitter account.

MDC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere issued a statement saying her party was still the rightful occupants of the building and castigated the use of military and other security operators to illegally occupy the building.

The MDC Alliance maintains its rightful position as the occupants of Harvest House and will not allow such underhanded and patently unlawful seizure of our property,” Mahere said in a statement.

The use of the armed forces to settle personal squabbles must be condemned in the strongest way possible by all prodemocracy forces.

This illegal seizure of property in the dead of the night puts to rest all falsehoods that the recent attacks on the MDCAlliance have been driven by an interest in constitutionalism and democracy.

The attempt to take over the assets of our political party will be resisted we are in the process of taking steps to restore possession and control of the building,” reads the statement.