Harare suburb residents up-in-arms against ‘noisy’ wedding venue

Harare City Council
  • Chishawasha residents residents contest granting of wedding venue licence
  • Want licence withdrawn
  • Noise and nuisance prohibited in 2014 city by-laws

CHISHAWASHA Hills residents have appealed to Harare City Council (HCC) to revoke the operating license for wedding venue Swan Creek gardens, saying operations at the joint were causing noise. 

Zim Morning Post is in possession of a petition submitted to HCC by residents of Chishawasha. 

We, the undersigned, are concerned residents of Chishawasha Hill. We would like to raise our objection to the noise and general nuisance emanating from number 899 Chishawasha Hills, otherwise known as Swan Creek Gardens,” read the petition.

The residents also said they had run out of patience, having thought proprietors of the venue would realise by themselves the damage caused by their activities at Swan Creek Gardens.

“For some time now, we thought our neighbours were going to be reasonable and realise on their own that they are causing pollution by their loud music and speakers, hooting cars and the many people who grace their functions, especially during weekends. We all want some rest and tranquillity,” read the petition.

The residents said in their petition that they were both shocked and disgusted to learn that HCC had formalised the use of Swan Creek Gardens as a weddings venue after they granted owner Gerald Nachipo an operating licence.

“We were surprised to be advised that they have a permit to conduct such a business. If ever a permit was issued, it was probably when most of us were not yet residents in the area, as we were never notified of such a proposal,” read the petition.

The noise, general nuisance and annoyance coming from the garden are prohibited by the city’s 2014 by-laws.

When contacted for comment, Swan Creek gardens owner Gerald Nachipo said he was not in a position to comment on the matter.

“I cannot comment on the issue,” Nachipo said.


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