Harare land scandal: Town Clerk fingered in ‘double dipping’ of recreational land

The HCC has outsourced the automation of the housing waiting list since they have no capacity to do it internally.

HARARE City Council (HCC) finance director, Stanley Ndemera is embroiled in a land scam where he is accused of ‘double dipping’ of and attempted to elbow out a bonafide buyer, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

The land in question is located at Stand 413340 corner Sam Nujoma and Cork Road in Belgravia.

Zim Morning Post gleaned documents wherein HCC sold the land in question to Bow Construction for recreational purposes for a cost of US$857 000.

The sale was made on  September 29 2005.

Ndemera then nicodemusly sold the same piece of land to NOIC fully aware that Bow Construction had made payment and the sale was concluded.

In a letter dated July 19 addressed to the town clerk, Bow Construction’s lawyers Mangeyi Law Chambers questioned the illegal reversal of the sale.

“We write to advise that our client complied with basic requirement of the sale of the above mentioned sale and that is settlement of the full purchase price.

“Our instructions are to seek for your office to proceed to issue our client with all paperwork that is normally granted to complete the sale of the land and all documentation that is normally issued d when a sale is granted,” read part of the letter of demand.

Interestingly,council minutes seen by this publication show recommendations made by the same finance director approving the sale of the land to Bow Construction.

He then made a dramatic somersault and attempted to elbow out Bow Construction in favour of Noic.

    accused of ‘double dipping; in which he used his under fire over the second sale of stand 41340 to Bow Construction for recreational purposes.

“The stand measured (3,2910ha) three point two nine one zero hectares and was situated at the corner of Sam Munjoma and Cork Road in Belgravia. The applicant intended to use the stand for recreational purposes.

“During the discussion the Committee suggested to quote the purchase price of the stand in (US$) with the payment made in equivalent  RTGS dollars at the prevailing interbank rates on the day of payment of the purchase price and that RTGS amount would be the one quoted in Agreement of Sale,” read part of the minutes.

HCC authorities could not be reached at the time of writing.

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