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Gweru City Council to reposses dozens of undeveloped stands

Dozens of individuals will have their residential and commercial stands repossessed for failing to make any developments in the last six years since sell.

Gweru City Council is among the local authorities which have put individuals on notice.

The Council resolved to repossess the undeveloped residential and commercial stands at its 688th ordinary council meeting held on August 12, 2021, before Gazzetting the same on Friday.

“These are undeveloped stands for a period of six years and more from the date of sell,” the council said in a notice.

“Any person who objects to the proposed must lodge his/her objection, in writing, to the Acting Town Clerk, within the period of twenty-one working days from the date of publication.”

The authority said the over 40 stands had largely gone undeveloped and were owing large amounts of money in unpaid rates.

Local authorities have in the past expressed concern about the high number of residential and commercial stands that have remained underdeveloped for several years.

Some land owners have attributed failure to develop their stands to the challenging economic situation.

At the same time the housing waiting list presently runs into hundreds of thousands with both council and private land developers failing to cope with the high demand of home seekers in the face of economic challenges in the country.