Gvt pledges 1% towards research

Government has pledged 1 percent  of GDP towards research and development. This was revealed at the three-day 12th Zimbabwe International Research symposium where President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the Guest of honor.

In the 2019 budget government allocated 0.3 percent towards research.

Mnangagwa  said that the second Republic is committed to research for development.

“My administration remains committed to invest in research and development through the allocation of 1 % of GDP towards research . The 0.3 % allocation in the 2019 budget must be seen as a first step which will improve incrementally going forward,” he said.

Mnangagwa said that the government will introduce research structures from grassroot level to give gravitas to innovation initiatives.

“We must , thus foster a culture of research and innovation at the national, provincial, district and ward levels. Research teams must be established to give gravitas to innovative initiatives.”

Mnangagwa also said that research should always benefit the ordinary  people throughout the country.

“In view of the Unfolding provincial economies, and anticipated rural industry system, it is integral for research initiatives which address these emerging realities. Furthermore research, innovations and inventions must be aimed at benefiting the ordinary people throughout the country, whilst propelling our country’s industrialisation,” Mnangagwa said.