Gvt changes car ownership policy

The Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) has announced that all vehicles  changing ownership will remain with their current number plates due to shortages in supply of number plates.

In a statement, the CVR stated the changes would take place with immediate effect. “Due to the shortages of number plates CVR has changed its policy on change of ownership.

“With effect from today 26 February 2019 all vehicles changing ownership should maintain current plates, what only changes is the new registered book with details of the new owner.”

The CVR said motorists will now pay a $15 and acquire a new registration book with the new owner’s information and “no plates will be surrendered.

“Exceptions, whereby new plates are to be issued, include when government or local authority vehicles change ownership and when public service vehicles change ownership.”

The statement said new plates are still to be issued when converting from the obsolete “check letter” plates, when replacing lost, damaged or defaced number plates.