Filmmakers in court for publishing uncensored content

Four actors have been dragged before the court on charges of broadcasting an unsanctioned film titled “Lord of the Kush” in contravention of the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act.

Tendai Humbasha Maduwa (34), Kudakwashe Brian Bwititi (26), Davies Guzha (52) and Peter Churu(53) appeared before Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko who released them on $200 each.

The quartet, through their lawyer Moses Nkomo, raised complaints against the police for unlawful detention.

Prosecuting Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that on a date unknown but sometime this year Humbasha whilst acting in concert with Brian, the script writer, produced a film entitled Lord of Kush and on July 3 in the Herald newspaper Humbasha published an article advertising the launch of the Lord of Kush on July 27 and also the two accused persons did not apply for a certificate to the Censorship and Entertainment control unit.

The state also heard that investigations were carried by the Police in respect of the movie and established that contents of the film were undesirable in that it invokes conflicts among religious groups particularly Christians and Muslim.

Further checks were made with the Censorship and Entertainment Control Unit, Harare who indicated that the accused persons had not applied for Censorship certificate for the said Film, the State alleged.

The court further heard that on July 27 at theater in the Park, Harare Gardens Guzha and Ghuru approved the launch of the film whilst acting in common purpose with Humbasha and Brian publicly exhibited and advertised the film which had not been approved by the censors leading to their arrest.