Epworth Town board land scandal sucks in receptionist

A long going investigation has unearthed a land scandal which sucked in the Epworth Local Board council  receptionist Sharon Shamu who stands accused of forging the secretary  Wilton Mhanda ‘s signature and illegally dolling out ‘ghost’ astands to unsuspecting home seekers.

This came to light when hundreds of  victims approached the town board with queries on why the land they paid for has not been allocated stand numbers over long periods.

Inside sources told Zim Morning Post that Shamu connived with other senior employees and forged Mhanda’s signature issuing out ‘genuine’ town board receipts.

She is also alleged to have used the adminstration officer and housing officer’s stamps to make good her shady deals.

“The suspects were charging US$ 8000 for non-existing stands and give them home seekers using council receipts.

“Over 100 people were sold dummy upmarket residential stands in Rockview and Adelaide,’” revealed our source.

Shamu is said to have abruptly applied for leave while investigations are underway  sent on forced leave pending investigations and police have opened a docket.

Some sources submit that Shamu worked in cahoots with some members of the top management and herv granting of leave was a well-choreographed tactic to conceal corrupt activities.

 “How could she have applied for a sick leave in the midst of an investigations and get it. She obviously was granted by someone who knew the investigations procedures and advised her to runaway so that when it explodes all blame is laid on her.

“One Mrs Kaseke is the one who granted her leave,” said our source.

What boggles the mind is when the scandal was discovered, a  cashier whose receipt book and signature was used was suspended and arrested while Mrs Kaseke, Mhanda and the housing officer were left scot free and still reporting to work.

“To make matters worse it was Mhanda and other four people who are directly or indirectly implicated in the scandal but only the cashier has been arrested and suspended. He was suspended because of his receipts that were used by Sharon why didn’t they suspend Mrs. Kaseke for her stamp that was used or the housing officer. I tell you there is more to this story than what they are saying to the public,” said the source.

Rockview  and Adelaide Park are fast growing upmarket suburbs under the administration of Epworth Local Board and are said to have been given to Shelter Zimbabwe Property Developers to speed up the growth of this peri -urban centre.

The property developer was responsible for the sale of the stands on behalf of the local board, however a small space was reserved for the council and Sharon took that opportunity to lure her victims

The town secretary confirmed that Sharon was now wanted by the police but could shed more light citing that he was in a meeting.