Drama at Zesa as Energy minister locks Gata out of office

ZESA Holdings board on Thursday hired a private security company to stop executive chairperson, Sydney Gata, from accessing his Zesa Megawatt offices along Samora Machel Avenue, Zim Morning Post can report.

Gata last week refused to be suspended by the Zesa board following a letter written to him to that effect.

Gata went on to release a statement in which he stated he had sacked the power utility’s board setting himself on a collision course with Energy minister, Fortune Chasi, who had instigated his suspension.

The suspension of Gata came after he was said to have allocated for his personal use five company vehicles, scuttled the disciplinary hearing of a top executive, spent $10 million on Christmas parties, sent four consultants to South Africa, and set up a trust to mine gold.

This resulted in Chasi writing to the Zesa board, ordering investigations into the acts of alleged corruption that were being levelled against its executive board chairperson, Gata.

The Zesa Holdings board in turn held a legal meeting in which it agreed to suspend Gata and have him recuse himself from the proceedings.

Gata, however, would have none of it, saying only the appointing authority, in this case President Emmerson Mnangagwa, had the legal legs to have him investigated and suspended.

The move to order his suspension was reportedly in order to facilitate the smooth and unhindered investigations into the allegations of corruption Gata is facing.

Gata has in turn accused the Zesa board of being a cartel of criminals milking the struggling power utility to fund their expensive lifestyles which included watching NETFLIX in the leafy suburbs of Harare.